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Dr k swamy founder and ceo of aayushman hospital. his main vision is to provide quick and quality world class health care services at an affordable cost. He is also consultant radiologist at lotus hospitals.Today in this pandemic you doctors risk your lives just to save us.

స్వామి వివేకానంద, APJ అబ్దుల్ కలామ్ లాంటి మహనీయుల ఆశయ సాధన దిశగా ఇన్‌స్పైర్‌ ముందుకు వెళుతుంది.

               – కర్రి స్వామి sir

A great leader is one who motivates you to achieve success. He is an influencer who is not required to force the people to follow him. But due to his deeds and qualities, people follow him on their own. It is not must for a leader to have wrong build but a leader must have a strong personality.

To become a successful person we need to have a goal. A life without a goal can be compared with a ship without a compass.

No matter how you had been in the previous years, but what matters most today is how well you will utilize your capabilities and the facilities provided by your present and future.

How many people do have a specific goal in their life? People who had high goals in life proved themselves to be great and respectable persons for their country.

Maximum number of people are unable to be happy because they can’t determine in which way they are going in life, and so their lives become meaningless and without any value. As a result they lack an inner sense of self-esteem, often becoming irritated and taking it out their frustration on other people.

When you learn the procedure of setting these goals and start working towards achieving them, you will begin to feel satisfied that you are in control of your life or you are aware about your future path. You’ll also can spot the distractions and obstructions very soon, that can lure you out from your original course.

Goal setting is a powerful method for thinking about your ideas of future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vague dream of future into reality. More than this, properly set goals can encourage and inspire you very much, thus building your self- confidence.

Specific goals in life enable us and give us the courage to move forward with serious determination. And this determination persuades us to strive hard to achieve our goal.

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” Cheers to INSPIRE FOUNDATION for successful completion of 1st anniversary.

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