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మాటే మంత్రంగా మలుచుకుని ఉపన్యాసాల ద్వారా సమాజంలో మార్పుకు కృషి చేసే మహాసంకల్పమే ఈ   ఇన్‌స్పైర్‌

                  – విశ్వనాధ్ sir


This inspire is the great determination to work for change in society through lectures that turn into the Mate mantra

                  – Vishwanath sir


Warm Greetings to all of you! And congratulating INSPIRE 1st anniversary; Since you are all aware that our organization’s goal is to provide our youth with the appropriate direction, it becomes clear why they need to be uplifted and their energy must be channeled in the right direction.


Prior to discussing issues related to youth, let us first look at the fabric of our society. In every society, there are people from various social, cultural and religious backgrounds, classes, ages and values that they hold. It goes without saying that every individual plays a certain role in society that has certain repercussions both in the present and in the future.


Every citizen of our country is responsible for strengthening the foundation of our society. As a metaphor, every society is like an array of stunningly beautiful flowers, where each one’s uniqueness makes the whole bouquet come to life. Flowers differ in fragrance, size, and color, but when combined, they make the bouquet more captivating.


The youth are an integral part of any society, just like flowers, and they have an important role to play. Any society is incomplete without the participation of young blood. As is rightly said, “youth is the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow” as they are the face of our community, society and country at large.


But our youth too has got important responsibilities to discharge. We should draw a lesson from the past, remain vigilant in the present, and live with the hope of seeing a brighter future. Our young people have a responsibility to fulfill, which is to remain honest and authentic. They should continue to work for the growth of our society and country.


I feel extremely very happy to be a part with INSPIRE FOUNDATION,All the best

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