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Best Wing of the Year

There are 7 wings in inspire foundation.One of the best wing is Social Media ,Social Service Observers and Observers.These team memebers worked alot and gave full support for the success of entire event.

1.Coming To Social Media it is back bone to foundation and great technical support. Each and every thing has been posting in all social media platforms(Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Youtube,Linkedin, ShareChat).

Social Media members

  • Anudeep – Head Incharge
  • Manisha- Incharge
  • Munishankar -Team Member
  • Padma teja-Team Member
  • Sai Divya- Team Member
  • Ramesh- Team Member
  • Dinesh -Team Member

Social service:

These is also one of the most important wing to serve the society. Sarudha society provides food,vegetables distribution and food packets and contributing more social services.These team will do

  • Plantation
  • food and Vegetables distribution
  • Study Kit
  • Money donation
  • Trainings
  • Awarness among people(Women empowerment)

Social service Team Members:

1.Munishankar-Head Incharge

2.Lakshmi Durga-Incharge

3.Sravani -team Member

4.Swetha-team Member


Handling and observing all activities in all social media platforms.

Team Members:

R.Meghana-Head Incharge

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